Lemur Yoga Mat





  • Enhanced grip with moisture activated fibre technology
  • 4.5mm aerated rubber base for complete support of knees and joints
  • High density rubber will not compress or deform like foam
  • Extra comfort with the micro-fibre working surface
  • Fibres designed to absorb moisture so there’s no need to use a sweat towel
  • Micro-fibre technology is super easy to clean
  • Natural rubber is completely sustainable
  • Eco-Friendly means no PVC or foam materials
  • Incredibly durable for indoor or outdoor use

Do you suffer from knee pain during the camel pose or head pain during a headstand? Does your mat slip and get uncomfortably greasy at the first sign of sweat?

Maybe your old mat isn’t designed to support intense pressure-point loading of the more demanding poses? PVC, plastic and foam materials are like sitting on a vinyl car seat in summertime.


The Dawg Mat is designed for ultimate GRIP

The soft-fibre surface material is designed to increase friction as you start to sweat. That’s right, the more you sweat the more it grips! Not only that but it gives you a soft, velvety surface to work on.

The micro fibres activate by binding together upon contact with moisture, enhancing the grip capabilities. A quick wipe down with a wet towel will supercharge your session.


The Dawg Mat is designed for ultimate COMFORT and STABILITY

The Dawg Mat is a composite of high density, air-injected rubber body topped with a comfortable micro-fibre surface layer.
This provides a soft cushioning under the most intense pressure point loading. Using high density rubber cushioning allows for reduced thickness. This improves ground contact responsiveness and increases stability.


The Dawg Mat is Eco-Friendly

Dawg Mat’s are biodegradable, recyclable, made from 100% natural rubber and use only water based inks.
PVC mats will inhabit this earth long after we're all gone so unless you plan to pass your mat down to the children of your grandchildren and beyond, stick with natural rubber. 


The Dawg Mat Product Trials

We’ve field tested our mats in yoga studio’s, high intensity cardio workouts and even pole dancing floor routines. We’ve tested in the heat of the tropics and climate controlled studio’s. In all situations the The Dawg Mat exceed all expectations with comfort, stability and plush softness.


The Dawg Mat Specifications
Length 1730 cm
Width 610 cm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Weight 2.9 kg