About us

Downward Dawg Designs 

We're a Cairns based design team who have one simple motto:


"Life is fun, don't forget to enjoy it"


We're heavily involved in the yoga and dance scene here in the tropics and one thing we know about is  slippery, sweaty yoga mats.

So we set out with the simple challenge of making a mat with these important attributes:

  1. World's most amazing print.
  2. Grip. The more you sweat, the more you grip.
  3. Comfort. No more sweaty plastics or foam.
  4. Performance. We want to feel steady and stable.
  5. Padding. We want to be comfortable in any position.
  6. Easy to clean.


THE DAWG MAT is the end product of the incredible efforts of our amazing product team.

Our graphic designers have worked tirelessly to perfect these great images. Cropping, stretching, blending and all the other things graphics people do to fit these great images into the unique size and materials of the mats.

Amily our production manager has been instrumental in manufacturing the perfect mats. After six months of samples and printing we finally found the perfect combination of materials, print quality and fabrication techniques.

And a big thanks to all the girls in our quality testing team. This is by far the most fun part of the production experience. Thanks for the laughs and keep them coming!

Get in touch with us

email: justine@themarketspace.com.au