Multiple Testimonials

"He is amazing! My feet usually slide on yoga mats but this one has so much grip I love it! And he makes me smile! Have been showing it off at the studios"

- @ Tammy Bam_Bam

"Such a beautiful mat but best of all it’s great to practice on. I mean, just look at it! Could you get anything cuter? They have such a soft feeling top too, I wish everyone could touch it. I had a hot sweaty practice the other night and I was not slipping on it at all, high five to that!"

- @ bek_rox

"The cutest yoga mat there ever was"

- mikanicholson

"I am in love. I can’t believe how soft the material is!! This eco-friendly, nasty chemical free mat is just amazing. Loving my @downwarddawgdesigns mat for outdoor practice. The thickness of the material is perfect on the concrete."

- everydayelisa