Dawgs Balls - Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Physical Therapy Massage Rubber Balls

NOCSAE & SEI Certified Massage Ball


Ideal for Massage Therapy - myofascial release & knots.

Relieves pain & tension from your whole body, including: hips, back, legs, hands, arms, thoracic spine & shoulders.



The Dawg Balls kit combines 2 different size massage balls. The larger one delivers medium pressure (for larger & more sensitive areas), while the smaller ball delivers a hard pressure for tight knots & really deep release. Together this results in overall body tension release & maximum recovery.


Eco- friendly material with no bad smell or sticky surface.

Small and portable enough to take with you anywhere.

Ideal for all ages and fitness levels - perfect for use at your sporting club, home & gym.

Washable and easy to clean.

High density ensures that they will always maintain their shape.




♦ The Dawg balls allow you to zero in on areas that may be causing major restriction in the rest of your body.

♦ They can help to enhance coordination, balance and improve flexibility.

♦ Increases blood flow to promote healing.